Math refresher, September 2020

Course outline

If you are participating in the live-stream, please switch on your camera and be active during the course. To avoid background noise, please switch your microphone off when you are not speaking. The chat function in Webex can also be used to ask questions.

Day 2: Optimization

Slides (v2.0) Problem set Solutions Workings

Day 3: Probability

Slides Problem set Solutions

Day 4: Inferential Statistics

Slides (v3.0) – typo slide 7 fixed Problem set Solutions

PLEASE NOTE: We will assume that n is large and use the tables included in the Day 3 problem set when looking up critical values etc. in today’s problem set

Day 5: Linear Regression and Matrix Operations

Slides (Linear regression) Slides (Matrix Operations) Problem set

There is no update to these slides.


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